April miscellany

April 5, 2013

Good news for those who prefer pixels to paper:

Twelfth Planet Press have released the ebook version of The Angælien Apocalypse. It is available at the 12PP website and a number of other places. Mondy and the AA judges say it’s good.

And FableCroft have released an ebook of the under-appreciated Canterbury 2100 (originally published in print by Agog!), which includes “The Gnomogist’s Tale”. It is available here. This reviewer says it’s good.

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September miscellany

September 22, 2011

The Year’s Best Australian Fantasy & Horror 2010, edited by Talie Helene and Liz Grzyb, has been published by Ticonderoga. It includes my Androphagi story “Schubert by Candlelight,” originally published in Macabre. They also recommend “The Nullarbor Wave”.

The AA judges described The Angælien Apocalypse as “A story with strong foundations in both religious (Christian) and alien abduction mythology, which married the two ideas into a fast, flippant and over-the-top plot.” Which is almost as good as “[it] lost me … towards the end of the story when it turned into a soap opera. The author, whose name I can’t even recall, went way too far with his far from original idea”. I forget myself sometimes, too.

And the Pseudopod commentariat have pegged “In Memoriam” for the by-numbers revenge tale it is. Still, thanks to the mobility of podcasting, for one reader “Target will never be the same”—which is better than, y’know, the loo… They also brought this site to my attention. Now that is some supreme commitment to bad taste.

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May miscellany

May 18, 2011

The pressure is on: at the banally controversial Ditmar awards at the retrofuturistic Swancon, that goddamn Thoraiya won for “Teach” and Best New Talent, and wasted no time demanding that my half of the double start to put out. (A smattering of ambivalent reviews not good enough? My favourite: “a different kettle of fish. I did not enjoy it”.)  Dion Hamill’s cover had also been nominated for Best Artwork, but couldn’t quite do a Macrae. What I want to know is, if as has been claimed the entire scene is controlled by TPP, then as my sole fan asks, why the hell wasn’t I nominated? Must be that the voter bloc is also a FEMINAZI CABAL. When will we ever break this stranglehold of popular, talented women?! I just count myself lucky to be the bêche to their tête. Seeing as we’re calling a spade a spade.

Elsewhere, Brimstone are no more, which is a shame given the Stoker, Shadows, Aurealis and Ditmar plaudits Macabre was receiving. Though Haines’s collection, The Last Days of Kali Yuga, should be in bookshops. Worth buying just for my section of the intro. Take or leave the rest, smileyface.

“Schubert by Candlelight” will remain in print, though, as part of Ticonderoga’s Year’s Best Australian Fantasy and Horror. There’s a pseudopodcast of an old story in the pipes, too. No beatboxing or theriomorphic glossolalia this time, though. Frownyface. Other than that, it’s all a bit lullish.

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March 23, 2011

Sources tell me that “The Angælien Apocalypse” (or some similarly spelled novella) is a finalist in the Aurealis Awards’ science fiction short story category. That means I get to frock up, and booze up, for free! Congrats to the friends, enemies, strangers, frenemies, strenemies and frangers on the list.

To celebrate, I have arranged a cosmic showdown between the forces of evil and evil. Representing the venal, Venusian Cherubim, it’s … Alien Jesus!

And representing the martial, Martian Seraphim … Jesus Was An Alien!

As Uncle Carl once said, “in a difficult and dark time for humanity a miraculous tale grows up of an attempted intervention by extra-terrestrial ‘heavenly’ powers … The present world situation is calculated as never before to arouse expectations of a redeeming, super-natural event.” Well, bring it, I say. Bring it, visionary rumours. Bring it, living myths. Bring it, technological fantasies. Bring it big time!

Sceptics, repent!

February 4, 2011

Recent sightings of a UFO over the Temple Mount prove that angælien principalities are hurrying the apocalypse.

Clearly, as I predicted on page 26 of my manifestophecy, the time approaches when the New Jerusalem shall descend upon Area 51. Who among us will be prepared for the second coming of Homo Coelestis?

December miscellany

December 22, 2010

Mondy has reviewed The Company Articles of Edward Teach/The Angælien Apocalypse, talking up the cover art of the kickarse Dion Hamill, and writing of Æ that “behind the jokes – of which there are some – and the satire – of which there’s quite a bit – there’s some really intelligent writing going on here. … Matthew is absolutely firing on all his writerly cylinders with this novella.  The plot is insane, some of the images are really fucking disturbing and the ending… well …”

There’s also been plenty of reviews of Worlds Next Door, with the “The Nullarbor Wave” being called “a startling original story with a unique Australian flavour, about driving across the desolate plains” that “gives us an eerie and unique view of Australian magic” and is “very creepy indeed.”

Finally, “Burning in the Banshee’s Absence” will appear in volume 5 of 3LBE’s print annual, which you have the rest of this week to order or forever hold your peace. It’s a story much older than its publication date that (at the risk of perpetuating it) has a go at fracturing horror’s misogynistic logic from within via reductio ad absurdum or perhaps ad intolerabilis.

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More proleptic promotion

November 30, 2010

In a recent email to Thoraiya Dyer, author of the inverted introduction to my upside-down afterword, I said in response to her home-made book trailer: “This sort of thing is way beyond my C20 technological chops; I’d have to get my kids to do a lego stop motion with the webcam or something. Don’t know if they have any Jesus lego though.” Star Wars, Harry Potter, Ben 10, of course, and they even do SpongeBob now, but apparently Lego haven’t yet realised the economic potential of biblical figurines.

But the child labour turned out to be unnecessary. Once again, in this time of need, the internet has come to my aid — in fact, with remarkable foresight, it did so three years ago:

Sure, it could use a bit more alien Jesus, but after the sterling job the internet did with my last unintended promo, and given the complimentary, spontaneous nature of these found objects, I won’t complain. I appreciate the help, random strangers.

Edit: My request for more alien Jesus was answered, over a year ago, with more acoustic goodness. Love your work, grumpy1399’s Mum!

More edit: The book is real, and guarded by a fierce canine.

My extraterrestrial end times burlesque The Angælien Apocalypse can now be pre-ordered from Twelfth Planet Press.

It is paired with Thoraiya Dyer‘s piratical novella The Company Articles of Edward Teach, for which she has concocted this specky trailer:

I’d whip up my own, except industrial metalheads JWAA seem to have inadvertently done it for me. Let us bang our heads in prayer!