Critical Research on Religion

My essay “Pastoral Counter-Conducts” has appeared in the vital new journal Critical Research on Religion. It was wrangled by Roland Boer following his Newcastle conference on Theology and Treason and includes essays on Schmitt, Badiou, Christian materialism and the emerging church.


“The Jews, a prime example of nomadism, showed the world the productivity of a wandering culture. … And yet in their search for origins, these decidedly intransigent people who imagine themselves to be the absolute originals … are the Jews not eternal crusaders fighting tooth and nail now more than ever to remain the one and only group of settlers in the Holy Land, their land, which nevertheless also belongs to Muslims and Christians? It’s not the same thing at all, you snap back: they’re just getting back the land that was taken from them and building a secure place for themselves after the horrors of the Shoah. OK, but the Palestinian kamikazes make exactly the same claim about exactly the same land and base it on their own origin story, know what I mean?”

Julia Kristeva, Murder in Byzantium (2006, p. 96).

“a short explanation, scientific in tone, horrifying in its details. The Jews were creatures of an alien race. They needed blood—the baptised blood of innocent Christian children—to sanctify their pagan rituals. Their rabbis would defile the blessed Host, stolen for the occasion, then eat the sodden mess to perpetuate their own sort in orgies of unthinkable brutality. They were animals, human in appearance only. How long would the Jews go unpunished for their crimes?”

Michael Gregorio, Days of Atonement (2007, p. 150).

“Who was left? The Jews, for heaven’s sake! Deep down I thought it was only my grandfather who had been so obsessed, but after listening to Toussenel I realised there was an anti-Jewish market not just among all the descendants of Abbé Barruel (and there were quite a few of them) but also among revolutionaries, republicans and socialists. The Jews were the enemy of the altar, but also of the ordinary people, whose blood they sucked. And they were also the enemy of the throne, depending on who governed. I had to work on the Jews.”

Umberto Eco, The Prague Cemetery (2011, pp. 188-9).

What is anti-Semitism?

August 8, 2011

“I loved it, and made my first comic in well over a decade – an image of a double-penised ‘Jew Monster’ sodomizing a Christian woman and a Muslim woman simultaneously.”

From a great interview in The Comics Journal with Jewish cartoonist Eli Valley. I could have quoted the bit about comics and internet comments together forming a kind of loopy Talmud, or the bit about satire as stenography, or cartoonists as theologians, or so many other bits, but that would hardly have been in the right spirit, or as much of an enticement, would it?

Bla(n/c)kety Bla(n/c)ks

August 1, 2011

Graham Kennedy says: “This youtube diptych provides <BLANK> social commentary on contemporary world events.”

N/C = New Condition? No Change? Not Covered? No Comment? Nuclear to Cytoplasmic?