Cog’s earnestness has always been part of their charm, from FIFO lamentations to utopian anarchist oracles. No better way for them to reconnect after a decade out than with a midlife anthem “remembering yesterday while staring at the end…”


Urological haiku

September 9, 2010

pre-void is normal

mild prostatomegaly

post-void residue

“In the circle of the living things characterized as plant or animal we find the peculiar stirring of a motility by which the living being is ‘stimulated,’ i.e., excited to an emerging into a circle of excitability on the basis of which it includes other things in the circle of its stirring. But no motility or excitability of plants or animals can ever bring the living thing into the free in such a way that what is stimulated could ever let the thing which excites ‘be’ what it is even merely as exciting, not to mention what it is before the excitation and without it. Plant and animal depend on something outside of themselves without ever ‘seeing’ either the outside or the inside, i.e., without ever seeing their being unconcealed in the free of being.” (Martin Heidegger, Parmenides, p. 160)

“Which only goes to prove the existence of crack back in the early twentieth century. Certainly this geezer must of gotten hung up on a pretty wicked rock habit to start spouting such nonsense.” (Mark Z. Danielewski, House of Leaves, p. 25n33)

Is adventure dead?

April 24, 2010

This empty line for Iceland Air at JFK would seem to suggest as much. (Apologies for the photo quality; it was taken rather hastily under the twitchy eye of US airport security …)

Which is a real shame. Sure, conquering Ireland, smiting Wolf-coated berserkers, and breaking into bawdy song at every opportunity, might have dropped out of common practice in this unheroic age. But the least one could expect of something called “Saga Class” is flying a 200-tonne metallic Grábakur into a fiery sky laden with the ash of Eyjafjallajökull.

Neurological poetry

March 22, 2010

There is no