January 31, 2013

If numbers can cheat, creating significance where there is none;

If dispositives and economies can cheat, producing undeserved obeisance and unnecessary haste;

If deadlines and morals and messages can cheat on me, cheat in me and through me;

Then I can cheat too.


Time skies

September 21, 2011

Two days ago, the sky was dusty, its blue muted by a wind-borne grey more organic than metallic. As sinusitis pulped grey matter like rotten fruit, and birds transferred building materials between trees, that heavy sky externalised my thinking. I composed the talk about the phenomenology of animal life that yesterday vets and biomedical researchers would greet with suspicion and eagerness. Yet who really believes we can elude quantification? Today, smoke filled the air, filtered the sunlight orange, invaded nostrils and the hung washing. At dinner a blokey data miner suggested we are nearing a new enlightenment. I drove home for the shift change, idled on our street to hear out “Time Flies”, but gave up halfway through. There are more skies to come.

It was a Saturday morning in the late nineties, and we had ninjitsu training to get to (with, no doubt, a hangover absorbing breakfast on the way), so a friend’s dad was entrusted to videotape The Tea Party’s performance of “Army Ants” on Recovery. More fool us. I thought it was lost forever, but no—recovery, it shines on.

Edit: “This video does not exist.” And the forces of entropy march on.

Double edit: Recovery! Thanks to fellow negentropist ShitifoundonVHS.

Eyes of the end, consider yourselves once more deceived.