Cat yoga, and the avoidance thereof

April 26, 2013

In this twenty-first century, many of the most intriguing deconstructions of human/animal dualism occur in an apartment in the East Village. Here, one half of the infamous radio duo Busso and the Wombat shares meanings, interests and affects (as a friend of ours likes to put it) as part of an experimental multispecies community (comprising, specifically, Homo sapiens and Felis catus). Now, as the internet has taught us, cats are the beginning and end of all things, and they occupy much of the middle space, too. At the Center for Feline Studies of the Avenue B Multi-Studies Center, Busso’s ailourographic investigations chronicle this immanent medium of human-cat interactions with phenomenological mindfulness and Chicago School rigour.

Others have begun to catch on, leading to Busso’s wonderfully camp performance of a nerdy cat expert in a cheeky documentary on “Lil Bub & Friendz”:

Of course, their resistance to performance is demonstrative in itself.


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