Annual behavioural assessment

December 26, 2011

As a result of my naughtiness, I now possess a copy of Howorth’s 1887 disquisition on proboscidean palæontology and diluvial Catastrophism. Try to contain your mammoth jealousy.


2 Responses to “Annual behavioural assessment”

  1. lcamyopinion Says:

    ok…i want ne too…

    where did you get it? Target?? Koorong???

    • Well, seeing as the preface states that “The first chapter of Genesis is not a geological treatise”, not Koorong.

      Anyway, how should I know? It was a Christmas present.

      All right, I got it from Gould’s. I’m conflicted because I love the romance of browsing unruly shelves full of secondhand books. But without the online catalogue I never would have found it.

      I mean, Santa never would have found it…

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