“eradicating every animal dimension of the human – in particular by doing research on immortality.”

December 20, 2011

Weary of the actual world’s abnormal wildness, the disputants turn their attention to possible transhuman futures. “A rather fair way of characterizing the great majority of posthuman trends is to consider that they have definitively taken the side of the machine against the animal in order to conceive the human being.” (Journey to the End of the Species, p. 6) Thusly do Bardini and Lestel contextualise the search for immortality that their decryption of Guide to Singular Metamorphoses demonstrates will have succeeded within forty years. Or, as the post-singularity Nexii state in their “manual for nexial self-configuration”, “The idea of sharing my conapt with little sapiens gives me the shivers… may as well live in a zoo!”

The demonstration continues throughout the 64 prophecies interweaved with philosophic and acerbic commentary. Carried away by an experimental urge, the zoöeschatologists follow GenCorp’s instructions to candidates and, after some meditation, update the commentary on Claude of the Milieu’s 177 AS suggestion that “we can scientifically create new organized species, … [that] have not yet been realized by nature”—the commentary being that “nature is incomplete and we have the means to compensate for that insufficiency. … The Nexus corrects God. … A good expert”—with these words: “And these experts are among the most advanced, erudite and spirited modifiers of human and animal nature one could imagine. A most self-affecting and multihued swarm. And yet the most lonely. May A Thousand Species Blossom! And die.”


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