Žižek at the Opera House

October 3, 2011

A.k.a. the copulating turtles—an authentically ecological image, according to the big Ž. And actually, amid the rehashed jokes, the numerous, varyingly vulgar TV and film examples of “ideology at its purest”, the discussions of Zionism’s antisemitism and capitalism’s utopianism, there was a distinct lack of theology, and a preponderance of attention to ecology. Though he’s said it before, and is hardly the first to critique feelgood recycling, green consumerism, and market solutions, his thought seems to be moving towards an engagement with the commons in not only the social but also the ecological sense. And seeing as he’s clearly exhausted the pop culture archive, the natural world is an enormous untapped resource of biological perversity just begging for Hegelian-Lacanian explication! Just ask de Gourmont: “The spider eats her male; the mantis eats her male; in locustains, the female is fecundated by a spermatophore, an enormous genital bunch-of-grapes. She gnaws through this envelope of spermatozoides to the last shred. These two facts should be brought together.” For is this not the clearest example of the dialectical reversal…?

Anyway, someone else’s twenty bucks well spent. (Thanks T!) For bonus lisped anecdotes, he’s testing Tony Jones’s mettle on Q&A right now.


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