Towards Complete Caesareanisation

August 14, 2011

The war against women continues apace. Long have the obstetric clergy dreamt of their interventionist utopia, where not a single vagina would endure the noniatrogenic risk of being penetrated from inside by a crowning infant. They are ever evolving their strategies for justifying, publicising and achieving the absolute medicalisation of childbirth. Their arrogance is now such that they grow impatient with every term pregnancy for which their scalpels are not medically indicated or freely elected. They commission studies and keenly anticipate the staggering control their results will endorse. With a slyly brazen mendacity, they allow the “cheeky” among them to imagine, in conference back rooms and on newspaper front pages, the complete annihilation of their enemies, the midwife underclass whose every delivery constitutes theft from their lucrative livelihood. They will not rest until no woman’s body suffers an event not their doing. One day, it is hoped, reproduction will be achieved without any necessity for care or labour—or ultimately, for women themselves.


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