“oh my god, I just saw a lion …

August 9, 2011

@desujon oh my god, I just saw a lion in front of wills memorial building, wish I had a camera!!! #bristol #riots #wtf        8 hours ago

@IAmTheRobotMan Female Asiatic Lion has been spotted outside Wills Memorial Building in #Bristol. I hope she relishes the taste of hoodies        8 hours ago

The desire for leonine liberty seems always to accompany social unrest. Thusly does the great zoöeschatological disputation’s solemn halt before a vision of barren humanity flicker with anarchic hope. Yet it is well known that escaped zoo animals trend to return to their immured Umwelten. One disputant recites his Hediger: “in such situations the police usually shoot far too soon and generally without need. Naturally, they act on the firm conviction that the sacrifice of human lives must be prevented as quickly as possible. It is not easy to convince the police that danger hardly exists. … Escaped beasts of prey are not dangerous absconding criminals, but just wild animals undergoing flight reaction.” This is soon agreed to be equally the case with illusory beasts, no matter how strongly the twitterverse might crave them.


2 Responses to ““oh my god, I just saw a lion …”

  1. Finally, we can explain all this looting and carnage! It’s not opportunistic criminality or impoverished disaffection. They just neglected the rules and fed Gizmo after midnight!

    I’d like to see a Gremlins (NOT a Howie Mandel) cover of this:

    Or even better, a Mogwai cover of this:

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