Floating Me, The Metro Theatre, 9/7/11

August 2, 2011

I spent the preshow in the Metro front bar soberly writing a few paras of a conference paper like some doppelgänger anchorite. This crowded eremitism was perfect preparation for the Floating Me experience, a simultaneously tense and soothing blend of bottom-heavy riffs and atmospheric keys. I rode Lucius Borich’s ride in to Narke and its throbbing anti-anaesthesia; withdrew then swelled back into Andrew Gillespie’s Deathless baritone moan; and styled my stylus in Spirals’ parabolic groove. The highlight was Piano, an exquisite slow build into an “overflowing, restless and seething” plateau that is yet to fail to carry me away; it unleashed an OBE of a type unknown since Rosetta Stoned at the Music Bowl in 07, yet this time chemically unassisted. But then, too, between the pounding single Sugar and the closing psychedelia of Bezhumous, and before I emerged to the sublime world once more seeming mundane, they did this Jefferson Airplane beauty from a wonderland 44 years gone some fine, extended justice:


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