Hung out & -over

May 22, 2011

I suited up for the Aurealis Awards last night, where I caught up with some Melbourne buddies and other folk over a few beverages and snippets of gossip. As expected, we missed out on the apocalypse, and The Apocalypse missed out to this awesome story by K. J. Bishop. Seeing as I would have been compelled to thank our Lord and Saviour Jesus Fucking Christ for not prematurely enrapturing, I’d say it’s for the best.

On the nightrider bus home, it was heatedly debated whether one woman’s choice to eat a can of tuna infringed on her fellow passengers’ right to an environment free of toxicity. While one particular fellow argued strenuously in the affirmative, others selflessly defended her right to freedom of consumption, even though they, too, found it highly repulsive. We managed to resolve the controversy before the end of the line, without having to resort to violence or wake the sleeping fellow in the back for a deciding vote.


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