May miscellany

May 18, 2011

The pressure is on: at the banally controversial Ditmar awards at the retrofuturistic Swancon, that goddamn Thoraiya won for “Teach” and Best New Talent, and wasted no time demanding that my half of the double start to put out. (A smattering of ambivalent reviews not good enough? My favourite: “a different kettle of fish. I did not enjoy it”.)  Dion Hamill’s cover had also been nominated for Best Artwork, but couldn’t quite do a Macrae. What I want to know is, if as has been claimed the entire scene is controlled by TPP, then as my sole fan asks, why the hell wasn’t I nominated? Must be that the voter bloc is also a FEMINAZI CABAL. When will we ever break this stranglehold of popular, talented women?! I just count myself lucky to be the bêche to their tête. Seeing as we’re calling a spade a spade.

Elsewhere, Brimstone are no more, which is a shame given the Stoker, Shadows, Aurealis and Ditmar plaudits Macabre was receiving. Though Haines’s collection, The Last Days of Kali Yuga, should be in bookshops. Worth buying just for my section of the intro. Take or leave the rest, smileyface.

“Schubert by Candlelight” will remain in print, though, as part of Ticonderoga’s Year’s Best Australian Fantasy and Horror. There’s a pseudopodcast of an old story in the pipes, too. No beatboxing or theriomorphic glossolalia this time, though. Frownyface. Other than that, it’s all a bit lullish.

Now playing: Floating Me, “Bezhumous”


2 Responses to “May miscellany”

  1. Paul Haines Says:

    And a bloody fine intro it is!

  2. It deserves an intro all of its own.

    “Bridge” is next on my reading list.

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