“Hunting the Mammoth, Pleistocene to Postmodern”

May 10, 2011

The latest issue of The Journal for Critical Animal Studies is up (IX: I/II for those who are counting), which emerged from a workshop in Edmonton last year. Among many fine pieces by a range of wonderful philosopher-people, I have snuck in my essay on mammoth stories [pdf]. Congrats to Chloë for managing to edit and survive amid a titanic zombie infestation.

2 Responses to ““Hunting the Mammoth, Pleistocene to Postmodern””

  1. Andrew Macrae Says:

    I read and enjoyed your mammoth article. I don’t have anything useful to say about it beyond that, but Bataille’s interest in Lascaux was new to me.

  2. Thanks bro! That’s nice to know. If you’re interested in the Bataille stuff, you should check out Brett’s essay in the issue. And of course the Cradle of Humanity book. He’s one remarkable librarian…

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