Things I’m thankful for

April 11, 2011

… on this late, overtired Estonian work night.

1. The lingering piles of snow outside that, smuggled into my hotel bathroom sink, keeps my Bio Orange Soda cold in lieu of a fridge.

2. The doublekick from 2:42 of Baroness’s “Red Sky.” Fuck yeah.

3. That I can attend the impending launch of my man Paul Haines’s latest collection.

4. The continued forbearance of various editors, administrators and supervisors. (I know this is a repulsive sentiment.)

5. The heater that slowly dries the clothes I washed in the aforementioned sink.

6. The loyalty of a legend. (And/or the suckiness of Sowfastraya.)

7. The unrelenting existence of home, and in it family and friends and the technology that allows them to send me periodic odd messages.

Among other things.


2 Responses to “Things I’m thankful for”

  1. Is this list making part of a 12-step thing or something? When did you hit rock bottom and why didn’t you blog about it?

  2. Aww, see? A number seven!

    I love you too, man.

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