March 23, 2011

Sources tell me that “The Angælien Apocalypse” (or some similarly spelled novella) is a finalist in the Aurealis Awards’ science fiction short story category. That means I get to frock up, and booze up, for free! Congrats to the friends, enemies, strangers, frenemies, strenemies and frangers on the list.

To celebrate, I have arranged a cosmic showdown between the forces of evil and evil. Representing the venal, Venusian Cherubim, it’s … Alien Jesus!

And representing the martial, Martian Seraphim … Jesus Was An Alien!

As Uncle Carl once said, “in a difficult and dark time for humanity a miraculous tale grows up of an attempted intervention by extra-terrestrial ‘heavenly’ powers … The present world situation is calculated as never before to arouse expectations of a redeeming, super-natural event.” Well, bring it, I say. Bring it, visionary rumours. Bring it, living myths. Bring it, technological fantasies. Bring it big time!


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