February miscellany

February 17, 2011

Debbie Moorhouse of GUD Magazine has reviewed Canterbury 2100, calling “The Gnomogist’s Tale”, “my favourite of this anthology. It’s a rambunctious, shameless, romp of a tale, an entire world’s mythology all by itself. … So much thought and work has gone into this story that it’s a smooth pleasure to read. … it’s worth buying this anthology just to read this one story and learn about Mamont and his dead children. It would also be worth seeking out what else Chrulew has had published.”


Damn straight it would. Like “Schubert by Candlelight,” which was on HorrorScope’s 2010 Recommended Reading List. Or “Smoke,” which made a previous list. Or “Rapturama,” written with the e-scatalogical Roland Boer, given that The Workers’ Paradise is on sale during February. Or my “gonzo and crazy and totally out there” novella The Angælien Apocalypse, three copies of which are up for grabs at goodreads, and which Mondy (having previously reviewed it) listed in his top ten books of 2010, above some hack who hasn’t even managed to edit a redundancy out of his title, or…

Now playing: Mogwai, “I Love You, I’m Going to Blow Up Your School”


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