Sceptics, repent!

February 4, 2011

Recent sightings of a UFO over the Temple Mount prove that angælien principalities are hurrying the apocalypse.

Clearly, as I predicted on page 26 of my manifestophecy, the time approaches when the New Jerusalem shall descend upon Area 51. Who among us will be prepared for the second coming of Homo Coelestis?


2 Responses to “Sceptics, repent!”

  1. KIM JONG-UN Says:

    I be hoping for a repeat of the Japanese Red Army action at Ben Gurion Airport. Kim Jong Un be disappoint yo.

    • Your pops paid compensation for that yet?

      That’s why you’ll never be supreme leader – you sit around playing WoW hoping for shit to happen, while your old man just gets it done.

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