Tool, Sydney Showground, 27/1/11

January 28, 2011

Often, reviews of Tool shows are intricate musical confessions that say more about the investments and ego of the writer than they do about the performance. My own contribution to that genre is still under contruction in all its invested, egomaniacal intricacy, so for today I’ll stick to a setlist with brief notes. Carey’s independent limbs were amazing and brutal, Jones’s “Jambi” talk box solo blended gossip and majestic soliloquy, Chancellor’s playing and back-up vocals on “You Lied” were pure joy, and Maynard was, as always, the man whose fans can’t forgive him for, or really follow him in, seeming to care less about the music than they do. My ideal setlist would look very different, but that’s what playlists and the internet are for, and I’ve been prepared for a happy death ever since “Jimmy” at the Perth Entertainment Centre in 2002. I was already glad and surprised the apocalypse waited that long, and everything since, like last night, has really just been a bonus.


  • Third Eye
  • Jambi
  • Vicarious
  • You Lied
  • Flood
  • Schism
  • Lateralus
  • Ænema
  • Stinkfist

As for the rest of it, I got a kick out of Rammstein’s fascist camp, and Grinderman’s carnival rants, but that was about it. Shout outs to DW for pleasant conversational interludes, the Hare Krishnas for curry lunch, the Twelve Tribes for pizza dinner, and the festival ciggie market whose invisible hand kept them relatively affordable despite demand far outweighing supply.


2 Responses to “Tool, Sydney Showground, 27/1/11”

  1. Andrew Macrae Says:

    sweet! look forward to the longer review. I totally failed to get tickets for them in Melbourne. 😦

  2. Bummer. I briefly considered getting down there for a proper sideshow but couldn’t afford the indulgence. Watch out for those abusive nuns!

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