December miscellany

December 22, 2010

Mondy has reviewed The Company Articles of Edward Teach/The Angælien Apocalypse, talking up the cover art of the kickarse Dion Hamill, and writing of Æ that “behind the jokes – of which there are some – and the satire – of which there’s quite a bit – there’s some really intelligent writing going on here. … Matthew is absolutely firing on all his writerly cylinders with this novella.  The plot is insane, some of the images are really fucking disturbing and the ending… well …”

There’s also been plenty of reviews of Worlds Next Door, with the “The Nullarbor Wave” being called “a startling original story with a unique Australian flavour, about driving across the desolate plains” that “gives us an eerie and unique view of Australian magic” and is “very creepy indeed.”

Finally, “Burning in the Banshee’s Absence” will appear in volume 5 of 3LBE’s print annual, which you have the rest of this week to order or forever hold your peace. It’s a story much older than its publication date that (at the risk of perpetuating it) has a go at fracturing horror’s misogynistic logic from within via reductio ad absurdum or perhaps ad intolerabilis.

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