More proleptic promotion

November 30, 2010

In a recent email to Thoraiya Dyer, author of the inverted introduction to my upside-down afterword, I said in response to her home-made book trailer: “This sort of thing is way beyond my C20 technological chops; I’d have to get my kids to do a lego stop motion with the webcam or something. Don’t know if they have any Jesus lego though.” Star Wars, Harry Potter, Ben 10, of course, and they even do SpongeBob now, but apparently Lego haven’t yet realised the economic potential of biblical figurines.

But the child labour turned out to be unnecessary. Once again, in this time of need, the internet has come to my aid — in fact, with remarkable foresight, it did so three years ago:

Sure, it could use a bit more alien Jesus, but after the sterling job the internet did with my last unintended promo, and given the complimentary, spontaneous nature of these found objects, I won’t complain. I appreciate the help, random strangers.

Edit: My request for more alien Jesus was answered, over a year ago, with more acoustic goodness. Love your work, grumpy1399’s Mum!

More edit: The book is real, and guarded by a fierce canine.


2 Responses to “More proleptic promotion”

  1. Thoraiya Says:

    The second one isn’t working for me 😦

    But…HAhahaha loved the first one, especially the little lego spanner 😉

  2. It’s got an inordinate amount of Jesus being an alien. What’s not to love?

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