“Not to replicate the caricature of the world: …

November 15, 2010

“this is what we should do with our brain. To refuse to be flexible individuals who combine a permanent control of the self with a capacity to self-modify at the whim of fluxes, transfers, and exchanges, for fear of explosion.

“To cancel the fluxes, to lower our self-controlling guard, to accept exploding from time to time: this is what we should do with our brain.” (Catherine Malabou, What Should We Do with Our Brain? pp. 78-9.)

To decline the standing invitation to loudly denounce something; to halt parallel attention and relearn serial mentation; to parent assuredly not reactively; to decelerate and exterpellate; to rupture captivation by spectacle; to recognise singular place smells; to forgive my stupidest gaffes; to concentrate during stimuli lulls; to embrace time’s passage at 1745, and remember it at 0815; to mourn unread books and redeem buried schemes; to subtract life from prioritisation: these are some things that I’m trying to do with my brain.


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