Le cinéma fantastique Australienne

November 4, 2010

Last night I checked out the Australian Short Film Showcase of the Fantastic Planet Film Festival. While the dead midnight walk back to Central was a bugger, the amble there up Oxford street had all the good things in life: flying foxes, secondhand bookstores, intriguing characters. The films were a bit of a mixed bag. The odd one out was a slick and evocative music video for “The Streets Fell into My Window” by The Red Paintings, a descent into a sinister Wonderland full of Carrollesque whimsy and leporine freakery. The rest were sf/f short films: Street Angel had good jokes and bad ninjas; No Junk Mail took intergenerational hostility somewhere vicious; in Facing Rupert a man encountered an identical twin tumour excised from his brain; in Film Noir, cinematic murder overflowed its frame, though the audience was unthreatened; Before Sundown indulged some schoolboy adventure fantasies; in River Styx Tango a suicidal Fool faced down Death via chess, cards and Dungeons & Dragons; The Unexplained Files unintentionally broke the fourth wall by spontaneously combusting the amp, its network of nonhuman actors thereby inspiredly improving the film; Pisces, Arise’s interesting premise was an amateur warlock chippy, though its narrative of romance through domestic pet salvation wasn’t half as interesting as the aborted subplot of resurrected food; Alexander: The Not So Great… Pinecone Adventure was a surreal escapist dream conjured by capitalism’s dregs; Neo-Blue let loose frayed postapocalyptic libidos; and Robotic Panic displayed some uncomfortable homorobophobia. While the overall collection was uneven, there was some quality on display for the slim partisan audience.

Tonight is the international premiere of Radio Free Albemuth; timely, given the recent electoral success of a bunch of Fappers. (That’s “Friends of the American People,” by the way; I make no insinuation as to how often they masturbate (against their colleague’s wishes), though the homonymic conversion of neologisms does seem rather serendipitous.) The Vast Active Living Intelligence System is insisting that I go, but work intrudes. We can’t all be paranoid conspiracists all the time.


3 Responses to “Le cinéma fantastique Australienne”

  1. Andrew Macrae Says:

    just go with whatever the pink, information-rich beam of light tells you, okay?

  2. The pink one, you say? I get so many conflicting messages from superintelligent alien beings, it’s disorienting – your guidance is appreciated.

  3. Though come to think of it, why should I trust you? Especially given the arcane symbolism on your gravatar. Who even are you really?

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