“The Angælien Apocalypse”

October 25, 2010

My extraterrestrial end times burlesque The Angælien Apocalypse can now be pre-ordered from Twelfth Planet Press.

It is paired with Thoraiya Dyer‘s piratical novella The Company Articles of Edward Teach, for which she has concocted this specky trailer:

I’d whip up my own, except industrial metalheads JWAA seem to have inadvertently done it for me. Let us bang our heads in prayer!


3 Responses to ““The Angælien Apocalypse””

  1. […] it could use a bit more alien Jesus, but after the sterling job the internet did with my last unintended promo, and given the complimentary, spontaneous nature of these found objects, I won’t complain. I […]

  2. for me the angælian apocalypse – literally awakening – would be something of the buddhist middle-way synthesizing hindu myths of shiva & kali to balance beyond our present limited awareness. In short, a quickening to the birth of a newer, higher consciousness, to realize the human potential akin to Robert Anton Wilson’s Prometheus Rising with perhaps the kinds of synchronic readings of the DNA/RNA codons across the iChing that Terrence McKenna entertainingly discussed in his last interview.

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