Run for your lives…

September 15, 2010

The dispensationalists are coming!

We were on the campus of a large university talking with some students in the comfortable lounge of one of the dormitories when we noticed a very attractive girl hesitate in the doorway. She stood for a few moments, her eyes glancing vacantly around the room, and then darted out as if she were being chased by demons. “What on earth do you think was wrong with her?” I asked my companions.

“Probably her vibrations were wrong,” answered one young man. “She might have thought there was someone or something in here that was a threat. Who knows?”

Vibrations, spirits, stars, prophets – what an absorbing interest we have today in the unknown, the unseen and the future.

In our imaginations we long to step out of our humdrum existence and into worlds beyond. Take science fiction as an example. It fascinates us. We read books from the serious to the comic about men with miraculous powers of vision or perception. We sit with fascination before our television sets as we are transported out of the present and into the tomorrows.

–Hal Lindsey, The Late, Great Planet Earth (1970), pp. 16-17.

Vibrations, demons, creepy old men ogling, oops sorry I mean evangelising college students… Call it what you will, this girl’s the smartest character in Lindsey’s entire xenophobic, apocalyptic, ghostwritten oeuvre.

Speaking of being transported into tomorrow – welcome to the future, Hal! The world hasn’t ended yet, I’m sure you’ll be disappointed to know. But it won’t be long; the Earth is dying, we’re ruled by untouchable principalities, and people watch SF on TV! What else is there? Europe has united, there’s wars and earthquakes in far off places, and, um, oh yeah the Jihadi scourge is threatening our freedoms! Well, yours anyway. Maybe you should stay put there in the Cold War, when things were a lot more decipherable. Dang, too late – you’re already here, denouncing your all too charismatic antichrist of a president! Well, good to see you’re making the most of it.

How much are you making, incidentally?


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