“Schubert by Candlelight”

September 10, 2010

The long-awaited Macabre: A Journey Through Australian Horror was launched last week at Aussiecon 4. Along its seven hundred or so page journey, one might stop by the work of antiromantic alcoholic Henry Lawson, children’s musician Terry Dowling, or professional pauser Bob Franklin, among dozens of other idiosyncratics. There’s also the option of slowly driving by my story “Schubert by Candlelight,” preferably with the hood down, blasting out NIN’s The Fragile. Or the Rosamunde incidental music. Whatever floats your boat.

A previous Androphagi story, “Between the Memories,” was published in Aurealis 38/39, reprinted more definitively in Australian Dark Fantasy & Horror Volume 3, and shortlisted for the 2007 Australian Shadows Award. Next in line is a festschrift for everybody’s favourite scientific humourist, James V. McConnell. Requests taken.


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