“The Beast-Machine Fableaux”

March 26, 2010

The first of my animal-spirit-word fables, “The Beast-Machine Fableaux”, appeared in the Mechanical Animals issue (#9) of Antennae last year. (Just around the corner from the Grant Morrison interview, he says casually.) Then last month it was podcast at TISF 16. In addition to the conveniences of podcastery, this latter version has the benefit of including the complete moral (in verse, no less) with which a fable ought to end. Also, this oral medium thankfully transcends the strange spelling error in the print version by which la Fontaine somehow became infected with Montaigne’s gee. A Freudian interpretation suggests itself: that the contamination of the fabulist by the essayist signifies the academic complexification of my own prose fiction. But I refuse to believe it. My unconscious is a jerk, anyhow.


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