Procrastination as resistance

March 25, 2010

Is procrastination a mode of resistance to neoliberal demands for productive self-government? If so, then there’s been some terrible delay in the production of busts and t-shirts memorialising my revolutionary mein. You may think yourself a level 20 wizard in Task Avoidance, but I’m both the Lenin and the Che Guevara of that shit.  Forget solitaire and minesweeper. Forget chatrooms and forums. If you only knew the measures I’ve taken to dodge a duty. The amount of shit I’ve got done! Anything I’ve ever happened to complete has been the result of evading some other, scarier demand. One day, this monumental history will be told.

So it was nice to have some authoritative confirmation that the perpetual deferral of my own thesis on Foucault has in fact been the ultimate counter-conduct. Yay for me! Through my unintentional lack of accomplishment, I have recaptured some self-determination from this cursed society of success.

Sure, I have an Australian Business Number as an individual, by which the state recognises and interpellates me as an entrepreneurial subject. Sure, I have taken occasional measures to improve and market my own saleable human capital. But has it worked? God no! My greatest expertise is in time-wasting. My high school Digger high score proves my subversive cred. I ain’t no sucker for this regime of self-advancement and (the bestest word ever) responsibilisation. It’s time for “recovering the capacity for inaction, irresponsibility and the refusal to seek out opportunity.” (76) The less we do, the more the capitalist machine groans and halts.

Who’s with me?

Oh, I see you’re already at it. Good! Continue!


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